Takin’ A Stand

I need to stop subscribing to journals/blogs I don’t like reading. For instance, my ex. I don’t mean to sound like I don’t like reading about his life, but all he puts in there is about his life. Even when we were dating, he’d rarely mention me.

I need to cut my losses.

I also should not have mentioned this journal to him. Me the moron sent him the link so now he’s asking me things that I say in here. Sometimes you just don’t want to talk about things you’ve already posted. Am I the only one?

We had the “talk” today. Nothing to get back together or anything but to clear the air, and seek closure. That and I gave him the letter I had typed up. I meant to give it to him, but you know the drill. He kept asking questions of why I thought this or that and stuff. It wasn’t exactly pointless to me, but I honestly didn’t see the reason to really talk. There was nothing to fix. It was mutual. What is there to fix? I suppose he was trying to figure out what went wrong, and not make the same mistake again with his future relationship(s). Or it could be from another reason that I am not aware of who knows. I’m done worrying about him and “us” as there is no “us” anymore.

Not to sound woe-is-me or anything, okay I do mean it as I’m still trying to get over whatever we had (that and I’m a girl, and girls are emotional) I cried myself to sleep earlier when I took a nap. I was just so fed up with the crap I had to deal with for such a long time, then listen to him try to rationalize the breakup to me, no. NO.

And you, you know who you are, if you don’t like reading about me ranting and raving about odds and ends, like work and stuff, you do have the option of leaving and never returning. Don’t be all shocked that I complain in my own journal too much. It’s mine.


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