Cooking adventures with Nicki

I think tomorrow I’ll start moving out my stuff from the bedroom and into the living room – or something. It’s just too weird to keep it in there with my ex’s stuff. I don’t know why I’m making this into such a big deal, but usually when people break up, they physically stay far from each other, not in my case folks.

I need to have my own time to vent. With him here it isn’t helping at all. Man, in my head I’m thinking of when’s the best time to vent. How sad is that? Scheduling a venting moment. God.

Earlier tonight I made myself breakfast for dinner, but not without some trouble. Made the French Toast perfectly, at least the first slice. The second one burnt on the pan as the butter had melted completely and so it just had fat or something on there to burn my precious french toast. As a second course, I decided to try some S’mores PopTarts. I stuck them in the bagel toaster and before I knew it they were done. The first one came out perfectly (notice the trend?) and the second, got STUCK! I had to unplug the toaster and shake the thing to get the half broken off poptart out. The first half managed to come out, but smeared the gooey chocolate and marshmallow inside the toaster. I feel bad for whoever uses that thing next. It’ll probably be me.

Well, tomorrow I work. I don’t really want to, but who really wants to work on a Friday? Exactly. I’m glad that we’ve slowed down a great deal since last week. Our sales went up to 75% off for the holiday junk – thank god, just take it all people! We’re making room for the spring stuff and the Valentine’s Day things. We have a little bit of the non-cards up – so cute so far! I’m such a goober when VDay comes around.

I bought some of the new 39 cent stamps online today. I have a lot of the 37 cent ones but no additional postage (like no 1 or 2 cent stamps). Stupid rate hike. Go away!

I’m oh so very tempted to get my hair done like a few friends from my old work has done to theirs. One got her hair colored, cut, highlighted and cut so that it’s thinned out. The other just got hers cut and colored a deep violet. I am not kidding! I won’t go that far, but I have this blonde spot in the back of my head (which no one told me ever until I played around with a mirror while fixing my hair one morning last month) from when I had gotten my hair highlighted in March of ’05. That long ago. It’s halfway grown out but it always takes it’s sweet time when I know my hair is looking crappy. Maybe I can get it colored back to my normal color: auburn/red/brown sort of combo. It’s not all one color, redheads are never just red – that’s just fake. I won’t highlight it again until maybe the late spring or early summer, but I’ll let a pro do it.

It’s strange how just one person changes your perspective on all sorts of things for the longest time, then they are out of your life and you snap out of it. For instance, my ex was all about dark colors (not a big deal for guys) but I loooove brighter colors. I like wearing dark things too, just not all the time. He had wanted me to wear my dark clothes usually, and disliked many of my nicer shirts I had worn to work. Whatever. Back to Nicki being herself now.

I’m craving oatmeal cookies but I know I must resist. It won’t be instant happiness as I have to make them from a mix. I’ll make them this weekend when I’m off. I still need to go to the mall and go job hunting. Last night on a short break I went over to Baskin Robbins and bought a Mocha flavored Ice Cream Cappucino (I cannot spell that word) and OH MY GOD! It was awesome! Too bad I hadn’t bought that at the start of my shift, it would have woken me up for the whole night, so instead from 8pm on, I was one wired person. It was great. I’m getting another tomorrow.

I also should get a 2006 calendar. Yeah, it’s the new year and I don’t have one yet. Go me. My work doesn’t have that many good ones left, if any, so I might stop by Waldenbooks to see their selection. I’ll also go bug my old work too to see how they’re doing. Ooh that reminds me, I want to get a Joan Baker piece. Preferably something small. I know she’s got some big pieces, and I really don’t have a good-sized window for something like that.


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