Hello world!

Wow, so this is what real blogging is all about. So much better than all the other sites I have used. I suppose only time will tell, but I’m pretty hopeful.

So let me introduce myself.

I’m a twenty-something living in Washington state, and no not Seattle. I’m not a fan of big cities. I was born and raised in a small town in central Indiana, moved out to the West in 2000 and from then on, I haven’t been back home except to visit two or three times since. I did live in Alabama for a bit but it was short lived. The West has been my home for quite a while now.

I’m not really a typical 20 something, I don’t go out to bars and party or anything. You’d usually find me at home typing away at code (designing). Don’t get me wrong, I do like going out with friends, I just don’t go out that… much. 🙂

I’d say I’m attractive, but not on the level of a model (though my Dad would beg to differ – I think all dad’s think that of their daughters) or even a prep from HS, but average. Eh, I don’t let that bother me that much. I have other things to worry about, like global warming, and President Bush.

Haha, yeah I’m kinda leaning towards the liberal side but hey, I’ve got an open mind. Really.

My current marital status: Single, technically, dating/committed. I used to be married up until early last year. It’s been almost a year since I got divorced (yipee!). It was early love, got married way too young, that sort of thing. I always tend to fall hard for guys I think I love and I end up getting hurt. Though, not physically because that would be bad.

I am a major fan of the Military yet I know not a lot of Liberals are. I guess that’s what sets me apart from them, as I was in the Military for a bit last year. The U.S. Air Force. Was in there for only three months, didn’t even graduate, but I loved every second of it (though, not while I was there of course – that would be insanity). I would like nothing than to go back in, but I doubt they would accept me, on account of my back. They medically discharged/seperated me based on my spinal column – it’s crooked. AKA: Scoliosis. So… that takes out any chances of me getting back in. But I still respect it, I don’t look back at it as a bad thing.

Alright, it’s nearing midnight here I better change the settings to read it as my time zone. It is saying it’s already the 3rd on here when it’s still the 2nd.


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